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Welcome to my website and thanks for finding me.
People matter in recruitment businesses.
In fact, they are the single most important element of your business.
In a 2012 survey 32% of employees in EMEA said that personal growth and advancement was the single most important element in choosing one job over another. 40% said personal fulfilment.
It’s important to three-quarters of your people they get developed and it’s important to your business you have the skills to deliver your business goals.
To achieve both of those aims I train, coach, mentor and develop managers and leaders of recruitment businesses at three specific points in both their development, and that of the organisation.
Three stages of career growth:

Recruiters moving to their first management and leadership role

Managers moving to their first Director role

CEO’s and MD’s at any stage; start-up through growth to exit and beyond
Three stages of organisational growth:

Start-ups as their owners sharpen their leadership skills and bring in their new teams

Mid-size businesses as they develop their next group of team leaders and managers

Larger recruitment firms as they grow and need their Directors to step up
Each of these are points at which clients, candidates and therefore market share and profit are won and lost. It’s when businesses need their people to get up to speed quickly and people in new roles need confidence, skills and knowledge.
I tend to find investment in people impacts the bottom line profits directly. If you want to invest in your people get in touch.
Let’s talk?

When someone starts a new job and they don’t know what to do, it may seem obvious that they need training.

Sadly they don’t always get the learning opportunities they need; this can range from shadowing someone more experienced, having a mentor or reading relevant books – only a small amount of learning will take place on an actual training course but this is a great place to start.

Lack of any training, however, leads to both reduced confidence and the heightened chance of making more mistakes – it’s a false saving.

Make your team the exception and ensure that you have no-one going into their first team leader or Director roles without transition training.

It will be the best investment you make.

Maybe some of your team are good at parts of their job but not others.

Perhaps they’d like to improve overall or perhaps you have identified a particular skill or capability they need to focus more on.

This is where coaching can come in and can be focussed on your strongest people as well as your under-performers.

Working one to one in a tailored way allows much more individual attention and really gets to grips with helping people develop their strengths and minimise their weaknesses.

It’s been famously described as ‘part warm bath, part cold shower’; challenging yet supportive.

I find that the relationship I develop with my coachees makes all the difference to their confidence and capability in their new role.

Working really closely with a recruitment business is one of the things I enjoy most and it also seems to deliver best value to my clients too.

It’s rare for a recruitment business (except the very largest) to have the luxury of a senior management and leadership development expert on tap all of time. So I often take up this role in my clients on a part-time or project basis.

I work with the business on selecting the best ‘next generation’ of managers.

Training and mentoring both managers and senior Directors, helping them implement training needs and personal development plans in their own teams so their recruiters are looked after too.

Finally I work with the CEO to achieve the business goals.




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