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Read this before promoting your big billers to manager

Thinking twice before moving your big billers into management roles could save you money.

Why do recruitment businesses always look to their biggest billers for their team of new managers? It’s not always the best idea. And there’s a good chance you’ll lose your best recruiters along the way.

High revenue generating recruiters by their nature have the opposite skill set and appetite to a successful people manager. How well do you think their skills and qualities are the hallmark of a great manager or leader?

Big billers/top recruiters

  • Selfish
  • Tunnel-vision
  • ‘Get out of my way, I’m coming through’
  • Only interested in candidates and clients and finding them people and jobs
  • Don’t look up from their desk all day and much of the night
  • On the phone or in client and candidate meetings  all the time
  • Rarely much of a team player; often a real lone operator
  • Completely achievement driven
  • Very clear about what they want and how they’re going to get it
  • Massively competitive – not always visibly

And so on…

So why on earth do we promote the best recruiters to manage a team of other recruiters?

Beats me.

But we do.

Your best managers and leaders will often be your average billers.  They need to be good enough,  otherwise they can’t coach their people in being good recruiters, but they don’t need to be the best. Don’t completely discount your best billers as some will be so keen to learn how to do the job and run a team that they are prepared to let all of the above to go and learn a whole new skill set, but I don’t recommend them being your only port of call.

If you are promoting your best billing recruiters to retain them you need to find another way…. create career paths for them which genuinely meet their needs (often this is about status and adding value) and allow them to stay doing what they love doing and frankly, what you value them for too.

Avoid the people manager car crash before it happens and get the right people in the right jobs. Best recruiters staying recruiters, good enough recruiters moving to manager.

That way you can grow your division or your business and increase its value.