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Are you coasting in your recruitment comfort zone?

recruitment comfort zoneJust think back on the last week. When did you feel stretched and challenged as a recruitment leader or manager? What made you think? When did you have to have a difficult conversation or take a difficult decision which made you feel uncomfortable?

If the answer is ‘I didn’t’ it’s likely that you are sitting in your comfort zone.

I met with someone last week who is accomplished at their job. They could only think of a few minor things that they needed to brush up on and even they were not mission critical. They’ve been in their role a few years and they, and others think they are good at it.

So what’s next? I asked. I was met with a bemused look.

It was clear to me that this person was working in their comfort zone. The danger with comfort zones is that the longer we sit in them (and believe me as someone who can be prone to sitting in a comfort zone I feel I speak with some authority) the smaller they get. The less we are prepared to push ourselves and our boundaries and actually the less interesting we become and less able.

Any of us can fall prey to this trap at any time. If we stop stretching ourselves and taking on new challenges, gradually our world gets smaller and smaller.

Just ask yourself – is my world getting smaller or am I stretching myself? Once we’ve fed and housed ourselves and our families we are designed to be creative, to learn, to flourish; all of which help us survive and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

We are not designed to stagnate and shrivel.

So this week, take a long look. Are you in your comfort zone in your recruitment job? Challenge yourself, your team and your business and get yourself into your stretch zone. You might even surprise yourself and really enjoy it.


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