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Feedback is the food of improvement for recruitment managers

Feedback is vitalIt’s a long time since I blogged; well over a month, if not two and it occurred to me how quickly the time has gone and how I hadn’t really noticed it fly by.

How easy it is to get absorbed in something else you are doing and not to pay attention to something. If that happened without me noticing I then asked myself – who and what else suffers in this way?

Well, the resolution, the diet, the exercise, the phoning of the mother regularly, the cleaning of the house, the keeping in touch with a friend who is struggling….the list is pretty much endless.

And, probably, feedback and time with your people.

When you’re really busy and up against it – lots of business happening and lots of distractions, especially for biller managers who are by far the majority of managers in recruitment the managing and leading of your people takes a back seat. You’ll tend to notice what they’re doing badly, rather than what they are doing well and feedback in general gets forgotten.

Before you know it a month has passed and you haven’t sat down with someone other than to download what work they have on and where their numbers are.

Don’t let my blog absence happen to you; focus on your people. They’ll thank you for it and so will your results.

Watch out for my new series of blogs for recruiters starting next week; ‘the one thing to do’. Every blog for the next few editions will focus on one thing a recruiter needs to do well. Starting with ‘the one thing’. If you want to sign up to receive them straight in to your in-box just put your e mail address in the box to the right.

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