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The brave recruiter

the brave recruiterI joined in on a discussion on Twitter the other morning on what HR needs to do to be brave. My view was the role of HR is to say what everyone else is thinking.

But I think the brave recruiter is different. The most successful recruiters I have seen are brave. Indeed without bravery they would not have been so successful. It’s fair to say you can be an OK recruiter without being brave.

A truly great recruiter will stick their neck out time and time again.

They’ll also be ferociously good at matching candidates to clients and vice versa. Otherwise you’ll just looking incompetent – not brave!

What’s a brave recruiter? One who…

  • Persists in getting to speak to or meet a client or candidate they value
  • Calls up with a shortlist to discuss rather than sending it on email
  • Gives challenging feedback (be careful here though)
  • Pushes a strong candidate through an organisation because you are passionate about the fit
  • Head hunts all their candidates rather than relying on advertising
  • After a string of offers turned down gets straight back on the phone
  • Gets clients to interview a ‘wild card’ candidate
  • Is honest with candidates they cannot help
  • Lobbies to create a role for a special candidate who can add value
  • Battles through the bad month (s) not giving up
  • Doesn’t let stuff get them down

I’m sure there are more.

I know lots of brave recruiters.

Really what we’re talking about here is confidence.

The confidence to know you are doing a good job and to keep doing it despite anything else going on around you. It’s a good trait and it will pay off.

So confidence and bravery go hand in hand. Where does confidence come from? Simply knowing you are a good recruiter; this comes from understanding the whole recruitment process and the value that you can offer both your candidates and clients. This involves a lot of personal honesty, a degree of humility and a good deal of experience.

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