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The one thing recruiters need to do

focus on recruitmentIn this blog I’m going to reveal the one thing recruiters need to do to achieve their goals. Sure, there are many other things that contribute to success and I’ve written about a lot of them, but without this one thing a recruiter is doomed to fail.

I’ve been pretty busy recently and the balance of what I do has shifted; although I’m still working with recruiters I’m also working in a new sector. This has taken up a lot of my time which is why you’ve not heard so much from me although you may have caught my blog on what I have learned about recruiters from sitting on the buying side of the fence again. If not you can catch it here. It’s not reading which creates pride in our industry sadly.

I’ve always liked, and used in training, the Stephen Covey story about the big rocks in the jar. Mornings spent raiding my drive for different sizes of stone have led to visual depictions of this in training courses! I even had an exchange on Twitter about it the other day (if you don’t follow me on Twitter and would like to it’s @janenewellbrown – you’ll get musings on recruitment, leadership and other things in life).

As Covey says when you’re planning your day imagine your activities to be a series of different sized rocks, pebbles, gravel and sand which fills a jar. If you fill your jar with sand and water (the detritus of life; chasing things which haven’t arrived, grabbing a coffee with someone, doing something again because you’ve lost the first one) you have no space for larger rocks – I do recommend trying this at home.  However if you fill it with larger rocks, add smaller one which fall in between the cracks and then add sand and water you’ll still fit it all in. Covey’s point is that if you don’t focus on your larger rocks and get those done every day each day can be very unproductive.

That’s the one thing; focus. Without focus a recruiter is lost. We all know it’s too easy doing ‘busy fool’ work leading to no results but sadly in our business you don’t get paid just to show up and do stuff. You get paid (more often than not) on the results you deliver. And you won’t deliver those without focus. You might even make it your mantra for the week.

Focus on the business of recruitment for your success.

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