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about leadership diaries

About this blog

If you are a manager or lead a team or a business in the recruitment industry, this blog is for you.

I write a couple of pieces each month just thinking through some of the challenges and opportunities leaders and managers face through the year. Hence deciding to call it Leadership Diaries.

If you lead or manage a recruitment business, division, team or are working towards a career in management in recruitment then I hope my blog will help.

I’ll happily answer your questions (anonymously if you like) about how to help your people do the best they can, how to deal with tricky situations, have ‘difficult conversations’ or anything at all that’s on your mind. It’s a lonely old business managing people – especially if you’re the MD and sometimes you just need a different point of view. So email me if you’d like your question answered on the blog …

As it grows in content I hope the blog will become the go-to resource for managers and leaders. It takes us through the leadership year and looks at both generic and specific issues which crop up as we go. It may even have an idea or two to solve that one thing which is keeping you awake at night.

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