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12th day of Christmas

12 drummers drumming by Dawn HuczekThis is my last blog post of 2012. This means I’ve been blogging for recruitment managers and leaders for over a year. I’ve even started inviting people to read the blog too and subscribers are growing nicely.

Many thanks for all your kind comments.

Please do forward it to all the other recruitment managers and leaders you know in the hope they find it equally useful.

This year has been very agency-side focussed and next year I plan to open it up a little to client-side as I’m one of those irritating people who think that both agency and client side dedicated recruiters have more in common than they do differences (not saying there are no differences mind, just not as many as some people think) so lots of concepts and challenges apply to both.

If there’s anything you’d like me to write on in the upcoming year let me know…but in the meantime I have 2 last tasks for you today.

1.   Take some time for yourself and think about what you want for next year. I’ll be posting about New Year goals in January but if you wanted to get ahead you could check out the post here.

2.   Plan to have a great holiday. Think about what you want your Christmas and New Year to be like. What will happen, who will be there, what will everyone do and say and what will your role in that be? How can you make sure it’s what you want? What can you say and do to make it great? If you can picture it in full colour you’re much more likely to make it happen.

And remember…you can’t change Great Aunt Nellie, you can only change your feelings about her or your behaviour towards her. Just saying…

3. I know I said 2 tasks but there is one last one.

Have a really great Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

And see you in January…


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We work with everyone involved in the wonderful world of recruitment; agency-side and in-house, with a particular interest in developing performance in all areas but especially for managers and leaders.

Eleven days – party time for recruitment consultants and leaders.

Not quite yet….and you may have had your office party in which case I hope you pre-read my blog on that too. Today’s task centres on a different kind of party.

11 pipers by 4nitsurkYou may have some down time today. It is after all very nearly Christmas Eve and people are running around a bit doing last minute shopping and drinking urgent hot toddys so can be harder to get hold of. However you can put some time to good use.

Plan an event (doesn’t have to actually be a party) which you could put on in the New Year for your client base. Or your candidates if you like. Show your clients how you differentiate yourselves from your competitors, give them something they can use back in their own business. You could use the information you have gained from your client meetings to decide on the topic and make sure you keep it relevant.

Or look after your temps or freelancers by planning a get-together where they all bring a freelancer or temp friend who isn’t working for you. Again ask yourself what you can do to add value to them this next year.

Spend the day getting this organised so you don’t need to be too distracted by it when you get back in the New Year.


01263 862370, 07887 517460 or

We work with everyone involved in the wonderful world of recruitment; agency-side and in-house, with a particular interest in developing performance in all areas but especially for managers and leaders.

Seasons greetings for candidates and clients as we approach the holidays….just because

10 Lords C P AllochukuToday, the tenth day of Christmas (and yes I know none of them really start until later but artistic licence allowing…) calls for good wishes all round. Your task is to encourage all your recruitment consultants to call all their candidates to wish them a Happy Christmas.

You’ll already have called your senior candidates and your black book candidates as well as touched base with all those you think whose skills could be in high demand over the first quarters. Now it’s time to ring everyone else, not because strategically it may make next year more successful for you but because it’s a thoughtful and kind thing to do.

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Recruiters – make you sure you can be found by candidates in 2013

Six working days until Christmas, four more blog posts.

Ladies dancing - Tom GodberA gentler but nonetheless critical activity kicks off this final week.

Making our lives easier as recruiters by attracting the best candidates is a priority; referrals are the absolute best way of doing this but once you have maximised this avenue by asking every good candidate about their colleagues and you’ve searched that database inside out turn to social networking to draw people to you.

Today your task is to have people dancing towards you in the new year (let’s hope more than nine of them) which means really sharpening up your LinkedIn profile.

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