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Are you coasting in your recruitment comfort zone?

recruitment comfort zoneJust think back on the last week. When did you feel stretched and challenged as a recruitment leader or manager? What made you think? When did you have to have a difficult conversation or take a difficult decision which made you feel uncomfortable?

If the answer is ‘I didn’t’ it’s likely that you are sitting in your comfort zone.

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Do you want to be a recruitment manager in 2013?

The new recruitment manager - photo by MrB-MMXYou’re currently a successful recruiter; on top of your candidates and clients and known in your field for your expertise in your sector. You want to develop your career.

What are your options?

The obvious next move frequently feels like a move to managing a team of other recruiters. But wait, before you do that just think about what that means and if that’s what you really want. Most recruitment consultancies these days have other choices in terms of career development so managing people is by no means the only option.

As managing people is almost the polar opposite to being a recruiter you’ll need to change much of what you both currently do and how you think.

Take this quiz to find out if you’re up for that ? (Links to a page with instructions to download a PDF)

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Recruitment business owners and leaders – did you get what you wanted in 2012?

Did you achieve your recruitment business goals in 2012. Pic by ewiemann.


When you reviewed your year, before starting the new one, did you get what you wanted? Looking back at what exactly you wanted to have achieved by the end of last year and what you want to be able to see for the start of January 2013 – are you there, can you see it, have you done it?



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Read this before promoting your big billers to manager

Thinking twice before moving your big billers into management roles could save you money.

Why do recruitment businesses always look to their biggest billers for their team of new managers? It’s not always the best idea. And there’s a good chance you’ll lose your best recruiters along the way.

High revenue generating recruiters by their nature have the opposite skill set and appetite to a successful people manager. How well do you think their skills and qualities are the hallmark of a great manager or leader? Read More→