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You’ve been promoted!

Fantastic news. The promotion you’ve worked really hard for has suddenly come through and you are now the proud possessor of a shiny new title, hopefully a handsome pay rise and a whole new set of challenges. Sometimes you’ll have been doing the job for a while so it’s great to get confirmation of the fact you’re being successful. Other times you’ll be jumping in to a whole new set of tasks and responsibilities managing people you don’t know or, often worst of all, who used to be your peers.

Either way it’s a change and you’re likely to experience the following:

1. Brilliant – I’m promoted!

2. Oh God – I’m promoted – can I actually do the job?

3. Ok – well someone must have thought so, so let’s see. There will be some things I can do and some things I can’t but either way that’s normal (you might need a best mate or a wise boss to help you through this bit).

4. Let’s get on with it.

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