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The one thing recruiters need to do

focus on recruitmentIn this blog I’m going to reveal the one thing recruiters need to do to achieve their goals. Sure, there are many other things that contribute to success and I’ve written about a lot of them, but without this one thing a recruiter is doomed to fail.

I’ve been pretty busy recently and the balance of what I do has shifted; although I’m still working with recruiters I’m also working in a new sector. This has taken up a lot of my time which is why you’ve not heard so much from me although you may have caught my blog on what I have learned about recruiters from sitting on the buying side of the fence again. If not you can catch it here. It’s not reading which creates pride in our industry sadly.

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Appraisal goals….what appraisal goals?

Set your own recruitment appraisal goals. Pic by Vinni123So, what about those appraisal forms gathering dust in the drawer or that folder of appraisals on your system you never open until the following year?

Will they remain untouched until the end of the year or could you get more value out of them? If you ignore them from year to year what message does it send to your people? It probably doesn’t suggest you are behind them every step of the way does it?

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Goals for 2012

A dream holiday homeSince 1999 I’ve sat down at some point near the beginning of the year and written down ‘what I want for 1999’ each year until 2012 so far (and I’ve done 2013 now too!). While my husband was off skiing ‘in the best snow in his lifetime’ apparently (at home one minute on Saturday morning and off to Gatwick the next barely pausing to kiss me and the cat goodbye), I thought I’d do this year’s goals.

It started when I read something saying Harvard graduates who identified and wrote down goals when they finished their course were 30% more likely to achieve them. This could have been one of those urban myths but nonetheless I felt it worth a go. Funnily enough I’m not that goal oriented a person so this was a departure for me but I just wrote a list of bullet points in 1999.

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