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Why recruiters are the worst at hiring their own people

Interview skills for recruiting recruiters. Pic by David DaviesIt’s always been a bit of a mystery to me how recruitment businesses can be so bad at recruiting for themselves.  The success rates in the recruitment industry are very low and staff turnover high – not always to do with the companies themselves not being a great place to work but more to do with only a small percentage of hires being ultimately successful in the job. Even if we accept that recruitment is a tough business and hard to succeed in, it doesn’t explain the woefully low hiring success rates. So why are recruiters just so poor at hiring for themselves.

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Are you a ‘grown-up’ recruitment leader?

grown up recruitment leaderWe all like to think we’re indispensable. This is frankly wishful thinking. It may stroke our ego to think we play such a crucial role in anything but the reality is…

It’s just not true.

An immature leader likes to keep a large gap between themselves and their next direct reports as it makes them feel safer. They’ll say that no-one can do the job as well as they can, they don’t trust anyone, and that although they have some good people, they all have a ‘way to go’ to be as good as them. Then they don’t do anything to develop the team and this results in the immature leader feeling more secure.

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Is your recruitment business too much of a love machine…or not enough?

recruitment love machine - photo by pink sherbet photographyIn any recruitment business it’s hard to get the balance right between being a tough or a fluffy culture. Finding a balance can be challenging and on Valentine’s Day it’s good to take a pause and ask yourself where your business sits in the spectrum.

You can balance both.

You can make tough decision but remember everyone’s birthday and send them a hand-written card with some thoughtful words.

You can call people to account and still remember their wife’s father had died and ask after them.

You can discipline someone one month and six months later buy them a top of the range golf club they would never have bought themselves, but that you know they will love,  to recognise how they have turned their desk around.

It’s not like a Valentine when you keep someone in a job they cannot do losing confidence by the hour and it’s not like a Valentine when you tell them to work harder without giving them the tools to do so and it’s not like a Valentine when you tell them you are interested in them and you’re not; you’re only interested in their figures.

If you play fair by people and are straight with them, make tough decisions when needed for their sake and yours, and always remember they are a whole person with life outside work, just as you are, then your recruitment business will be just the right sort of love machine…

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day.


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Recruitment businesses – are you a lean, mean fighting machine?

Does everyone in your business earn a place at the table?

recruitment businesses; lean, mean fighting machineDavid Cameron spoke on Wednesday about the need to look to the future as well as deal with any present crisis or difficulty. This premise is not just for nations and the EU but for recruitment businesses, small or large, owner run or a multi-national.

In times of difficulty it can be tempting to simply look to today and survive, after all without survival today there can be no tomorrow.

One consequence of this is that it is exhausting; life is about survival with no “hope” for better times to come.

The result is that as the business world changes with an uplift in the market you will be thankful to have survived difficult times and pause; pause to rest and recuperate and recover from difficult times rather than exploiting new opportunities as they arise.

This is where being lean and mean comes in. Fit and healthy and ready for the future. Not tired, overweight and unfit. Read More→