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Feedback is the food of improvement for recruitment managers

Feedback is vitalIt’s a long time since I blogged; well over a month, if not two and it occurred to me how quickly the time has gone and how I hadn’t really noticed it fly by.

How easy it is to get absorbed in something else you are doing and not to pay attention to something. If that happened without me noticing I then asked myself – who and what else suffers in this way?

Well, the resolution, the diet, the exercise, the phoning of the mother regularly, the cleaning of the house, the keeping in touch with a friend who is struggling….the list is pretty much endless.

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Why recruiters are the worst at hiring their own people

Interview skills for recruiting recruiters. Pic by David DaviesIt’s always been a bit of a mystery to me how recruitment businesses can be so bad at recruiting for themselves.  The success rates in the recruitment industry are very low and staff turnover high – not always to do with the companies themselves not being a great place to work but more to do with only a small percentage of hires being ultimately successful in the job. Even if we accept that recruitment is a tough business and hard to succeed in, it doesn’t explain the woefully low hiring success rates. So why are recruiters just so poor at hiring for themselves.

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Are you KPI-fit for recruitment?

Measuring recruitment KPI's. Photo aussiegall.This is a photograph of a measuring tape like the one sitting on my office desk. It belonged to my Dad.

I keep it there as it reminds me of measuring things with him as a child when I was allowed to ‘help’. He was forever creating things out of scraps of wood or nothing much and ‘retired’ from his day job at 55 to realise his dream to start his own business. He loved his work and I count myself fortunate to have had such an inspiring Dad.

Looking at this reminded me of how much difference measuring our work makes; as they say, what gets measured, counts. Yet sometimes we resist measuring – I’d be the first to say it can stifle creativity but in reality a brilliant piece of furniture will lose something by having the wood for it measured incorrectly!

It reminds me off a series of blogs I did last year on KPI’s – the measurement tool of recruitment, so in case you didn’t catch them (I have loads of new subscribers since then) I’m re-running them here. And for those of you with Dads, have a listen to what they say, or take a moment to remember; there will be pearls of wisdom.

The first in a series of my takes on KPI’s in recruitment.

I am inspired to blog on KPI’s! But surely I hear you cry …inspired and KPI’s in the same sentence is an oxymoron? I don’t think so actually. And I have three things to say so watch out for this and 3 following blogs.

One – there seems to be a big fuss about KPI’s in the recruitment industry. Recruiter’s are queuing up to work in a non KPI-driven environment.

But we need KPI’s to become more professional and better at running our businesses. No-one would ever say a manufacturing business shouldn’t count how much raw material it had or how much labour it needed to run its factory. No-one would ever say that a retail business shouldn’t worry about how many customers come through the door or whether its shelves are filled.

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Recruiters – make you sure you can be found by candidates in 2013

Six working days until Christmas, four more blog posts.

Ladies dancing - Tom GodberA gentler but nonetheless critical activity kicks off this final week.

Making our lives easier as recruiters by attracting the best candidates is a priority; referrals are the absolute best way of doing this but once you have maximised this avenue by asking every good candidate about their colleagues and you’ve searched that database inside out turn to social networking to draw people to you.

Today your task is to have people dancing towards you in the new year (let’s hope more than nine of them) which means really sharpening up your LinkedIn profile.

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