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The one thing recruiters need to do

focus on recruitmentIn this blog I’m going to reveal the one thing recruiters need to do to achieve their goals. Sure, there are many other things that contribute to success and I’ve written about a lot of them, but without this one thing a recruiter is doomed to fail.

I’ve been pretty busy recently and the balance of what I do has shifted; although I’m still working with recruiters I’m also working in a new sector. This has taken up a lot of my time which is why you’ve not heard so much from me although you may have caught my blog on what I have learned about recruiters from sitting on the buying side of the fence again. If not you can catch it here. It’s not reading which creates pride in our industry sadly.

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5 things for recruiters not to do.

5 things for recruiters not to doToday I’m having a short sharp rant. It’s where I get on my soapbox and talk about things that either irritate me or I believe passionately.  If you’re an agency recruiter – this one’s for you and this is the one which makes me question my love for the recruitment industry.

Everyone who knows me or has read any of my blogs knows that I’m passionate about both great recruitment and excellent recruiters and the value they add to all businesses.  Agency-side or client-side I don’t mind – both have equally valuable roles to play and equally tough jobs to do. Why both cannot seem to work well together is a bit beyond me but I had an inkling this week when I started dealing with some new recruiters.

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The 10 things to do to be a successful recruiter

10 things for recruitersThe recruitment industry is a great place to work.

Every day I get asked a question I’ve not been asked before; having worked with, trained and coached thousands of recruiters and their managers and leaders for over 25 years, completed hundreds of search assignments over the same time scale, written the ‘go-to’ book in the UK for recruiters with Ann Swain (The Professional Recruiter’s Handbook) and generally hung about in recruitment both agency, RPO and client-side you’d think I’d know most things. But no, just as you think you have it all licked along comes a new brow-furrowing enquiry.

However, whilst I love things being different with new challenges I also think much of being successful in recruitment requires us to do the same things, time and again, day in and day out.

So here’s my not-at all-definitive, simple list of what you need to do, and what your teams and businesses need to do, to achieve your recruitment goals.

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A ‘duck’ or a ‘success’ for recruiters and recruitment leaders in 2013?

Fifteen working days ‘til Christmas – top tip – use them wisely!

No partridges in a pear tree or gold rings in this version but all of these can be yours (or anything else you choose) in the New Year if you follow this blog for all twelve instalments!

Every day or so from now until just  before Christmas I’m going to be suggesting something to do to get your recruitment team, or yourself as a recruiter or recruitment leader, in great shape for the New Year.

It’s tempting to kick back and relax, in effect taking much of December off but the price will be paid for that come New Year – and the price can be high.

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