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The brave recruiter

the brave recruiterI joined in on a discussion on Twitter the other morning on what HR needs to do to be brave. My view was the role of HR is to say what everyone else is thinking.

But I think the brave recruiter is different. The most successful recruiters I have seen are brave. Indeed without bravery they would not have been so successful. It’s fair to say you can be an OK recruiter without being brave.

A truly great recruiter will stick their neck out time and time again.

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How to use recruitment predictive analytics to prepare for Q1

If you had in mind to buy today’s five gold rings, or a gold Ferrari perchance, in 2013 for your loved one (s) helping your team to get ahead of the game will gain you competitive advantage.

So as well as carrying on with leading your team in calling their candidates and clients at this time, today’s task uses a bit of analytical capability. You might need to engage your finance team to help you.

Take the plans your clients have been telling you about during your meetings, couple this with some of the data gained from candidates and you’ll already have some good ideas about where the demand and supply shifts might be occurring in your candidate and client base.

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