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The brave recruiter

the brave recruiterI joined in on a discussion on Twitter the other morning on what HR needs to do to be brave. My view was the role of HR is to say what everyone else is thinking.

But I think the brave recruiter is different. The most successful recruiters I have seen are brave. Indeed without bravery they would not have been so successful. It’s fair to say you can be an OK recruiter without being brave.

A truly great recruiter will stick their neck out time and time again.

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Eleven days – party time for recruitment consultants and leaders.

Not quite yet….and you may have had your office party in which case I hope you pre-read my blog on that too. Today’s task centres on a different kind of party.

11 pipers by 4nitsurkYou may have some down time today. It is after all very nearly Christmas Eve and people are running around a bit doing last minute shopping and drinking urgent hot toddys so can be harder to get hold of. However you can put some time to good use.

Plan an event (doesn’t have to actually be a party) which you could put on in the New Year for your client base. Or your candidates if you like. Show your clients how you differentiate yourselves from your competitors, give them something they can use back in their own business. You could use the information you have gained from your client meetings to decide on the topic and make sure you keep it relevant.

Or look after your temps or freelancers by planning a get-together where they all bring a freelancer or temp friend who isn’t working for you. Again ask yourself what you can do to add value to them this next year.

Spend the day getting this organised so you don’t need to be too distracted by it when you get back in the New Year.


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