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5 things for recruiters not to do.

5 things for recruiters not to doToday I’m having a short sharp rant. It’s where I get on my soapbox and talk about things that either irritate me or I believe passionately.  If you’re an agency recruiter – this one’s for you and this is the one which makes me question my love for the recruitment industry.

Everyone who knows me or has read any of my blogs knows that I’m passionate about both great recruitment and excellent recruiters and the value they add to all businesses.  Agency-side or client-side I don’t mind – both have equally valuable roles to play and equally tough jobs to do. Why both cannot seem to work well together is a bit beyond me but I had an inkling this week when I started dealing with some new recruiters.

Recruitment should not be hard. Read More→

Generate perfect new recruitment clients for your business in 2013

If you’ve been following the Twelve Days of Christmas series you’ll see that after a focus on candidates we’re turning to clients for the rest of this week’s tasks for your recruitment team.

Just as cygnets (or ugly ducklings) eventually turn into swans so do fledgling clients. This activity is designed to make finding new recruitment clients easier and ensure they are great clients for you to work with.

When you first encounter a client, and they you, it’s hard to establish a great relationship right from the start. They’ll have a view of recruiters from past experience and you’ll be uncertain whether this is a client who will be good to work with. The best cygnets turn into graceful swans; long-lived and faithful but how do you know which will be which? Read More→

What do recruitment clients and candidates have in common?

Like the four calling birds, they have similarities and differences. But the one commonality is that they can both be candidates, and they can both be clients.

So on the fourth day of Christmas (four calling birds ….) I am suggesting your focus lie with those candidates you have worked with over the last year who are likely this year to be clients. Often your best business will come from candidates you have given a great service to (even if you didn’t actually place them) and who then come back to you as clients.

Only last week I was working with a consultant who had worked hard on finding a candidate a job and built up a great relationship. The candidate had gone home and told her partner all about her job search with this consultant. The candidate’s partner got in touch with the consultant (who by the way has been a consultant for only five months) as they needed to recruit someone. What comes around goes around, so next time you avoid a call from a candidate just consider what the cost of that avoidance might be, even ignoring for a moment that it’s poor practice. Read More→