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Feedback is the food of improvement for recruitment managers

Feedback is vitalIt’s a long time since I blogged; well over a month, if not two and it occurred to me how quickly the time has gone and how I hadn’t really noticed it fly by.

How easy it is to get absorbed in something else you are doing and not to pay attention to something. If that happened without me noticing I then asked myself – who and what else suffers in this way?

Well, the resolution, the diet, the exercise, the phoning of the mother regularly, the cleaning of the house, the keeping in touch with a friend who is struggling….the list is pretty much endless.

And, probably, feedback and time with your people. Read More→

The things you were good at as a recruiter can also help you be a good recruitment manager

transferable skillsI promised to talk about transferable skills in my first blog for new managers and how to make the most of them. Here’s the thing:

  1. Managing other recruiters is completely different from managing your desk or sector.
  2. You need to ditch many of the attitudes and behaviours that made you a successful recruiter.
  3. Lots of the skills that you use as a recruiter you can transfer straight over to your management role (the good news).

Let’s focus on the positives; Read More→

Exactly how many candidates and clients do you need to make a successful placement?

how many clients and candidates?Today I’m having a short sharp rant. It’s where I get on my recruitment soapbox and talk about things which either irritate me or I  believe passionately. Here it is.

Managers and recruiters are always telling me they don’t either have enough clients (or roles) or candidates or they have the wrong sort. A bit like the wrong sort of leaves or snow on the line (and you know what we all think of those announcements when we’re trying to get to work).

I have three things to say:

  1. Read More→

Why recruitment managers need to be ‘firm, fair and friendly’

firm, fair and friendly3 top tips for new recruitment managers – part two

‘How should I behave?’ is a question most managers want to know when they take up their new role. Generally they only have their own previous managers to rely on to answer this question.

This will either have good or disastrous consequences!

Clearly you could write a book in answer to the question of how should a manager behave and many people have done so. However, as you start any new job you do need a simple, clear framework in which to operate.

Firm, fair and friendly does just that. Whilst it does have its slightly patronising edge so long as it is applied in an adult-adult way it works really well.

How do you apply it? Read on…

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