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The one thing recruiters need to do

focus on recruitmentIn this blog I’m going to reveal the one thing recruiters need to do to achieve their goals. Sure, there are many other things that contribute to success and I’ve written about a lot of them, but without this one thing a recruiter is doomed to fail.

I’ve been pretty busy recently and the balance of what I do has shifted; although I’m still working with recruiters I’m also working in a new sector. This has taken up a lot of my time which is why you’ve not heard so much from me although you may have caught my blog on what I have learned about recruiters from sitting on the buying side of the fence again. If not you can catch it here. It’s not reading which creates pride in our industry sadly.

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Is Monday your favourite day of the week?

Why is that then? For those of you who answered ‘yes’ that’s great to hear. As a recruitment manager or leader you’ll be infecting your team and your business with your enthusiasm for the working week and what can be achieved.

For those who answered ‘no’ you’ll probably have the opposite impact. Even coming into work yawning or walking slowly with your head down tells your business that you’re not really geared up for the week ahead or raring to lead them into the week with enthusiasm and energy.

How you set Monday up will have an impact on how the rest of the week goes. Read More→