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The 10 things to do to be a successful recruiter

10 things for recruitersThe recruitment industry is a great place to work.

Every day I get asked a question I’ve not been asked before; having worked with, trained and coached thousands of recruiters and their managers and leaders for over 25 years, completed hundreds of search assignments over the same time scale, written the ‘go-to’ book in the UK for recruiters with Ann Swain (The Professional Recruiter’s Handbook) and generally hung about in recruitment both agency, RPO and client-side you’d think I’d know most things. But no, just as you think you have it all licked along comes a new brow-furrowing enquiry.

However, whilst I love things being different with new challenges I also think much of being successful in recruitment requires us to do the same things, time and again, day in and day out.

So here’s my not-at all-definitive, simple list of what you need to do, and what your teams and businesses need to do, to achieve your recruitment goals.

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Recruiters – do this one thing today for 2013 success

If yesterday went well you’ll have some great meetings over the next few weeks to look forward to and maybe some in the New Year too.

Now it’s time to turn to clients you haven’t spoken to for a while. On the second day of Christmas, instead of two turtle doves, go for re-igniting your relationship with two lapsed clients. Spend the next couple of days getting back in touch with them; this one thing could make all the difference for you in Q1 2013.

Do an analysis of the clients you did most (good) business with in H1 in 2012 and see how they compare with H2, or look at 2011 and so on. Identify where the changes are and learn why. Most clients change suppliers not because of price but because lack of attention or service – don’t let those be yours. Research shows we buy more from people we can connect with and the best way to do that is face to face so keep going on your client meetings initiative – your efforts will pay dividends especially with those you have lost contact with.

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